Keep Your Family Healthier this Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school season can be fun and exciting for kids and parents alike. With your kids coming home after being exposed to all the children at school and the added stress that the school year brings, it could mean more days stuck in bed for your whole family. Experts say that rather than being reactive, it’s important to be proactive by taking steps to keep kids healthy.

“Building and maintaining a strong immune system is key to a long, healthy life,” says Larry Robinson, PhD, and vice president of Scientific Affairs, Embria Health Sciences, a manufacturer of science-based ingredients that support wellness.

For a strong and healthy school year ahead, Robinson and Embria are offering some useful health and wellness tips.

Great Habits

A healthy lifestyle means developing healthy habits. Perhaps most important is to enforce a consistent bedtime to promote adequate sleep, which is proven in studies to promote good health. Added bonus: kids will be more alert in their classes after a full night’s rest.

Proper nutrition is also key: three solid nutrient-filled meals a day and healthy, non-sugary snacks. Regular, moderate exercise also promotes good health, so encourage them to participate in physical activities like sports teams, dance classes and even just playing in the yard.

Smart Supplements

Even well balanced diets can use a few more benefits to promote better wellness and good health. The best immune system supplements are well researched and do more than simply boost the immune system.

Consider supplements containing the breakthrough, fermentation ingredient EpiCor, shown to support the body’s ability to initiate the proper immune response when needed. For example, NOW Healthy Immune contains EpiCor, Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin D-3 and C for additional support for the body’s immune system. Formulated into easy pouring packs, they are a convenient way for busy families to stay healthy on-the-go.

To help strengthen the immune system another way, think about your gut, which is where 70 percent of your immune system resides. Probiotics can keep your gut and you healthier. Consider a supplement such as Hyperbiotics Immune, which contains EpiCor, targeted probiotic strains, zinc, vitamin C and echinacea.

While these statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, many experts believe they can help you maintain a strong immune system.

Reduce Stress

Too much stress can compromise the immune system. Help kids reduce the stress in their lives by not over-scheduling them. Ensure that with schoolwork, chores and after school activities, kids still have time to relax, see friends and just be a kid.

For happy, healthy kids, practice wellness habits that promote a strong immune system.

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