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  • Superman Actress Margo Kidder Dies At 69
    Margot Kidder, starring actress in the original “Superman” movies, died on March 13th at age 69. One of her close friends often came to help Kidder with house cleaning. But when she arrived on Monday morning, Kidder was found dead on the couch.

    The Original Lois Lane Dies

    Kidder starred as Lois Lane, Superman’s favorite girl, in the entire “Superman” series. The first movie came out in 1978, and then the rest of the series was released throughout the ’80s. Kidder’s co-star, Christopher Reeve, who played Clark Kent/Superman died to infection complications back in 2004. According to statements from her representative, however, Kidder simply died peacefully during her sleep Sunday night (1).  

    Source: Express

    The cause of Kidder’s death is currently unknown, but authorities say there is no reason for any suspicious speculation. According to Park County Attorney, Bruce Becker, there is “no concern of foul play” (2). He went on to explain that an autopsy is indeed underway, but that the results can take time. “Toxicology can take several weeks,” Becker told newspapers (1). The procedure is simply a precaution. Reports have claimed that Kidder had recently suffered from the side effects of the flu, but Becker refused to suggest whether or not that had any influence on the actress’s death.

    Kidder suffered from Bi-Polar Disorder

    During Kidder’s lifetime, she openly spoke about her diagnosis with bipolar disorder (2). Using the fame she quickly gained from her appearance in the Superman movies, Kidder used her platform to raise awareness about the mental illness and became an advocate for non-medicated, alternative treatments. (3) Kidder was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1988, years after her role in the Superman series, but she later openly admitted to rejecting the diagnosis and refusing all treatment (3). Consequently, her mental battles continued, eventually leading to her suspicious disappearance in 1996. Kidder was missing for several days. It was months after this event that Kidder went public with information about her illness. She explained that she’d disappeared during one of her severe mood swings in response to her computer crashing and losing all the files for an autobiography she was working on. It was after this episode that she finally accepted her mental illness, began treatment, and was willing to speak openly about it and its causes (3).  


    The Response to Kidder’s Death

    After the sad news about Kidder’s passing emerged, the actress’s Superman co-star, Sarah Douglas (who played the supervillain in the first movie), paid her respects via social media. She shared a post saying, “So saddened by the news that dear #MargotKidder has died peacefully in her sleep yesterday. We continued to have fun together over the last 40 years and she was a joy to be around.” Additionally, Mark Millar, who authored Superman: Red Son, posted, “My Louis Lane has passed away. RIP Margot Kidder. Thank you for my favorite movie ever.” In the end, the world has not only lost an iconic, well-loved actress, but also a brave spokesman, a loyal friend, and an inspirational figure. Margot Kidder will forever be remembered for her star role in the Superman series, her courageous battle with bipolar disorder, and her ongoing openness about her illness.   References
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  • Melania Trump Undergoes Kidney Surgery
    More than ten percent of the American population, equating approximately thirty million people, develop a chronic kidney disease at some point in their life and require surgery or a transplant (1). Recently, the First Lady, Melania Trump, joined this ten percent after undergoing an embolization procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (2). According to reports, Trump’s surgery was meant to treat a “benign” kidney condition. While information about the condition specifically is still unreleased, the procedure was successful. It is likely that Trump will reside in the hospital for the remainder of the week, but she is in no danger (2).

    What requires an embolization?

    Since embolization cuts off the blood supply to a certain part of the body by blocking one or more blood vessels or abnormal vascular channels, it goes without saying that Trump’s procedure has stirred up some questions (2).   Generally, embolization is used to cut off excessive or unwanted bleeding, close off vessels that are supplying blood to a tumor, or treat certain diseases (3). While the reason for Trump’s procedure will remain unclear until more information is released, doctors are speculating that some sort of cyst was removed, or a bleeding stopped (2).

    Partha’s Prescriptions for Good Kidney Health

    Regardless of whether or not you are in the daily spotlight, it is important to take necessary steps to keep our bodies healthy. Here are a few tips specifically to prevent any kidney issues:
    1. Eat a well-balanced, kidney-and heart-healthy dietReduce sodium, avoid processed and chemically-enhanced foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, limit foods that are high in saturated fats and cholesterol (such as eggs, whole milk, cheese, fried foods, etc.), and eat more foods that contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids (4). Eating food that is good for you and your kidneys only takes a little bit of research and diet adjustment.
    2. Increase physical activity and maintain a regular exercise routinePhysical activity such as playing sports, running, or hitting the gym offer so many health benefits. Decreasing blood pressure, increasing muscle strength, lowering body fat, strengthening the heart, improving sleeping patterns, and more (4). All of these results help maintain healthy kidneys.
    3. Quit smoking, or don’t take up the habit. The more information that comes out about smoking simply offers more and more reasons for why you shouldn’t smoke. Smoking creates the biggest risk for both heart and kidney disease or cancer. Eliminating the cigarettes or cigars from your lifestyle greatly increases the likelihood of being able to maintain healthy kidneys.
    4. Keep high blood pressure under control. Though maintaining a healthy blood pressure is a wide spread goal, this is especially true for those who suffer from diabetes. Since your kidneys filter your blood, maintaining a healthy blood pressure makes their job easier. Ensuring that you are following your fluid and sodium limits will help keep unwanted fluids from building up in your body and increasing blood pressure.


    Paying attention to your health is a normal and essential part of life. After all, preventing illness is always easier than recovering from an illness. While both preventable and treatable kidney diseases are common in the United States, try to follow these tips to ensure that you don’t suffer from these potentially life threatening illnesses.   References
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  • 6 Symptoms Of Acid Reflux or GERD
    Have you ever been lying in bed, comfortable, warm, ready to fall asleep when all of a sudden, you felt the acidic burn of your stomach contents in your throat? If you have ever felt this, then you probably suffer from acid reflux, a condition that experts have described as stomach acid bubbling up into your esophagus and throat. It is a very common condition that most have probably felt at some point in their lives.

    What is acid reflux or GERD?

    Acid reflux is caused by an imbalance between the acid present in your stomach and the protection from having that acid enter your esoophagus. It is worsened when the valve between your stomach and esophagus that doesn’t close all the way when digesting food. This then allows stomach acid to escape and damage your esophagus. There are certain foods that can make it hard for this valve to close. Foods like, chocolate, peppermint, tomato based foods, coffee, citrus, alcohol, and spicy foods are some examples (1) While traditionally acid reflux or GERD is manifested as a burning sensation in the chest or throat, there are actually a handful of other surprising symptoms that can be caused by reflux. So while you may have thought you were suffering from something particular, it could possibly be another form of acid reflux, which is easily treatable.

    6 Unexpected Signs of Acid Reflux

        Chest Pain We have been conditioned to think that intense chest pain is due a heart attack, but this is not always true. Acid reflux is also a cause of chest pain. If you have chest pain that is unexplained, call 911 or go to the hospital immediately. When in doubt, it is always better to err on the side of caution. Bitter Taste A bitter taste that appears in your mouth for no reason could be another sign of acid reflux. The taste could be bitter or sour and it is caused by the juices that are forced into your stomach. It can be a foul taste and can be hard to get rid of. If this is happening to you frequently, you may want to talk to your doctor about how to control your acid reflux. Asthma When acid from your stomach gets in your lungs it can make it hard to breathe. These symptoms can imitate asthma. One sure way to tell the difference between the two is, if it gets worse at night or when you lie down, it is probably due to acid reflux and not Asthma. Persistent Cough GERD or acid reflux can lead to irritation of your throat and can give you symptoms of unexplained cough. You may also experience throat clearing, especially after meals. Problems Swallowing Among all of the things that the acid can do to your body, one of the more damaging is scarring. Acid can scar parts of your body, like your throat. When your throat gets scarred and damaged,it is difficult to swallow food. What’s worse is that the food can feel like it has grown claws of its own and it’s pinching your throat all the way down to your stomach – a very painful situation.   Sore Throat/Red Throat Because acid reflux can burn, damage, and scar the throat, you may have a sore, red throat.  However, sore or red throat could very well be a symptom for something else, even as simple as a common cold or the flu. When you do have acid reflux, it is a condition that should taken very seriously. If left untreated, it could cause some irreversible damage. If you are suffering or have been suffering from any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor.  Your health is very important; don’t let GERD take over your life. 1.

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