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  • The gift of life: Why being an organ donor is so important

    (WXYZ) – Many Michigan residents already support organ transplant as 62% of adults are already on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. But despite this, there are still over 3,000 Michigan residents waiting for an organ transplant.

    Why is the wait list so long?

    There are a couple of issues. One is that some counties have low registration rates, so not enough people are signed as donors. Another is that organs have a shelf life. There’s only a certain amount of time that an organ can be transplanted successfully. So that’s why we need more people to sign up.

    Many on the wait list are looking at terminal or irreversible organ failure. They may need an organ like the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver or pancreas. It’s phenomenal that one donor can save the lives of 8 people. And donated tissue can help up to 75 people.

    This is truly a life-enhancing opportunity for recipients to move, see and live better lives. Last year alone, 320 Michigan organ donors lead to 876 life-saving organ transplants. Which is wonderful but we can definitely raise these numbers and help more people.

    Does it cost money to donate?

    No, the donor’s family or estate will not have to pay for anything. Another question people ask is if the surgical procedure will disfigure their loved one’s body. It’s important to know that the organs and tissues are recovered by trained medical professionals. So a traditional funeral service can still take place.

    How easy is it to sign up?

    It’s very easy. With just a few clicks, you can register online at

    You can also add your name when you renew or replace your driver’s license at the Secretary of State either online, through the mail, or in person.

    By doing this, you may one day give someone a second chance at life

    I’ve seen patients of mine who are on the brink of death get their lives back.  It’s a truly amazing thing to see.

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  • New Exercise Guidelines: Short bursts of activity & housework count!

    (WXYZ) – The federal government has released its 2nd Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.  It’s been ten years since the recommendations have been updated.

    The key message to everyone is “get moving”

    What I love is that the advisory committee for this dug into current scientific literature. And what was found, not surprisingly, is that most people have positive health outcomes when they are active.

    So what’s changed?

    Well, the previous guidelines said that you needed at least 10 minutes of aerobic activity for it to count towards your 150 minutes per week activity goal. But now, any movement that gets you active counts.

    You’ve heard me talking before about becoming your own health hero and adding movement into your daily life.

    Well, that’s the same concept in the new guidelines.

    So short bursts of exercise like taking the stairs, doing housework, carrying heavy groceries, and shoveling snow are all great because they help you stay physically active.

    How much exercise does the government recommend?

    Adults still need 150 minutes per week of moderately intense physical activity as well as muscle-strengthening activity at least twice a week.

    What’s interesting is that the new guidelines now recommend activity for 3-to-5-year olds, suggesting 3 hours a day as a reasonable target.

    Preschoolers need to move and take part in active play throughout the day because this helps to strengthen bones, improve their growth and development.

    What are the benefits of exercise?

    Right now we are doing way too much sitting, and it’s hurting our health. But you can turn this around.

    If you’re physically active, you can lower your risk for eight types of cancer. Specifically cancers of the breast, colon, bladder, kidney, lung, esophagus, endometrium and stomach.

    Being active can help with anxiety, sleep, mood, depression, blood sugar levels, and brain health. You’ll also lower your risk for heart disease, have more energy and less fatigue.

    For older adults, it can mean less falls and improved cognitive function.

    What’s great about being active, is that you start reaping the rewards instantly. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been inactive for a while. Just start slowly with light physical activity and gradually increase it over time.

    Partha’s RX

    1. Please make a commitment to do more activity than you do today. Set a goal to be active for 22 minutes every day.
    2. Muscle-strengthening activity requires that your muscles work harder than they normally do and should involve all the major muscles groups. You can use weights, elastic bands or your body weight (an example is push-ups).
    3. Be models of movement for your children. Kids between the ages of 6 and 17 years should do 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every day.
    4. You’re never too old to be physically active. It’s great to do balancing training as well as this can really help prevent falls.

    Would you like to learn about exercise and endorphins?  Click here!

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  • Drug Addiction Treatment Options for Those with Limited Budget

    People who suffer from the physical and emotional effects of drug addiction happen to face financial challenges as well. They live in poverty, are unemployed or even homeless. Unfortunately, those who get into such a complicated situation can’t afford to receive treatment. Some of these individuals really want to break their addiction. They try to quit cold-turkey or undergo at-home detox which is dangerous.

    There’s always a way out. Some people just don’t know that there’re affordable or even free options for them or their family members. Here’re they.

    Finding Affordable Rehab

    Millions of Americans could benefit from proper addiction treatment if only they knew where to seek for it. A free rehab (find more here) is not a myth; moreover, it can save your life or a life of your beloved one.

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducted a national survey of 14,311 facilities across the US in 2012. 50% of them offered free help for addicts who couldn’t pay for the services. Almost a quarter of the rehabs were private, for-profit facilities. Use of a sliding fee scale was reported by 62% of these facilities.

    Why do so few people know about the possibilities to get cheaper or even free addiction treatment? Because addiction rehab centers don’t publically advertise these special offers.

    If you need this opportunity, just ask your doctor: “Is there free drug counseling near me”? You’ll probably be advised to contact one of the following facilities.

    State-Funded Rehab

    State-funded drug rehab centers help people overcome addiction utilizing state and federal funding to cover the cost of treatment. In most states, free addiction treatment is available to addicts with no income via public mental health or substance abuse treatment centers. To get approved for a client of such center, an individual has to have:

    • official residence in the state
    • the United States legal residence
    • no insurance
    • lack of/no income
    • medical records as proof of addiction status and need for intervention.

    Funding for state treatment is limited and the number of individuals who need treatment is constantly growing. This means there’s a constant queue of people waiting to get accepted into these rehabs. Prioritized access to state-funded drug treatment programs have:

    • pregnant women;
    • women who have given birth to a child in the past year;
    • individuals who are the IV drug abusers.

    Faith-Based Rehab

    Faith-based treatment focuses on a spiritual solution to substance abuse. Each faith-based rehab is designed for people with a particular religious belief. For example, a Christian treatment center approaches recovery from a Christian perspective. It focuses on clients curing addiction by strengthening their relationships with Christ.

    There’re traditional methods of addiction treatment used in these centers. Inpatient and outpatient facilities are available. By joining a religious organization, recovering addicts form new social bonds and receive the support that was often missing during the periods of addiction.

    While there’re some who benefit from a single religious or spiritual experience, this is not the only focus of a professional faith-based treatment setting. Clients participate in individual and group consultations. Therapy sessions are aimed at helping the addicts to understand the underlying causes of addiction and learn to avoid relapse.

    Some alcohol and drug users also suffer from mental illnesses and behavioral disorders. Faith-based treatment centers can help with any needed therapy or medications.

    Additional Options to Consider

    Now you know how to get into rehab with no money. But while you’re on the waiting list or still searching a rehab, you can find support at the following places.

    Mutual Support Groups

    Alcoholics Anonymous has become synonymous with the concept of addiction rehabilitation in general. It’s a worldwide fellowship that provides active support to those who struggle with alcoholism. To some extent, certain meetings of the program fit all people struggling with substance abuse.

    This organization is funded by its members. Their voluntary donations make it possible to provide free help to those who need it.

    Online Recovery Support

    In the age of the Internet, any recovery program – be it free or commercial – has an active online presence. Resources for those willing to quit drinking or doing drugs include email groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, and instant messenger groups.

    Professional Rehab Centers

    Yes, treatment in a residential treatment center can be very expensive, especially if it isn’t covered by insurance. However, some of the facilities offer alternative payment options, payment assistance or sliding-scale fees. Sometimes the sum is divided into manageable monthly payments and spread over years.

    Moreover, some organizations, such as SAMHSA, offer scholarships to help people on a low budget pay for treatment. Some treatment centers provide financing, and there’re even loan companies founded specifically for the purpose of financing treatment for individuals. And it’s worth it to ask close people to assist with the cost of treatment.

    Why it’s Important to Get Professional Substance Abuse Treatment, No Matter Your Financial Situation?

    One may think that there’s no point in filling out all the forms for getting into free drug rehabilitation center with no money as being on a waiting list won’t make one sober. However, it’s vital to get professional help. 95% of untreated addicts die of their addiction. Here’s why rehabs are necessary:

    • Rehab specialists can guide you safely through the detoxification process, making it as comfortable as possible. It can be extremely dangerous to attempt to detox from drugs or alcohol at home or quit substance use cold-turkey without medical supervision. Some substances, such as benzodiazepines, can provoke withdrawal syndromes that can be fatal without quick emergency care. The best option in risky cases is to gradually wean addicts off a drug.
    • Even if a detox process doesn’t have life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, they can still be severe and an individual can relapse. Doctors can prescribe medication, such as methadone or buprenorphine, to facilitate the withdrawal process.
    • Rehab facilities provide counseling sessions for patients to understand why they started abusing drugs or alcohol. Defining the roots of the problem is a huge step to recovery.
    • Addiction greatly changes brain chemistry and structure. It does take time and specialized treatment to heal. Rehab facilities provide patients with aftercare support to promote a long-term, substance-free life.

    When you look for a free addiction help, consider every option. Remember, who searches, finds

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