Woodland Heights Medical Center offers low-dose CT Imaging

Woodland Heights Medical Center is pleased to announce the recent installation of a Philips Ingenuity CT system.  Woodland Heights is excited to offer the latest in CT imaging technology to better serve the needs of the community.


The Ingenuity CT features advanced capabilities that provide the highest level of patient care and comfort. With the installation complete, Woodland Heights proudly offers the latest advances in low radiation dose imaging. In the past, radiologists had to use high radiation output to get high diagnostic image quality. Now, radiologists can use breakthrough technology to create quality images from a low radiation dose.  Also, allowing for patient loads of up to 650 lbs., the Bariatric Patient Support provides CT imaging access to a larger patient population.


Rebecca Morgan, Director of Radiology at Woodland Heights states the importance low radiation dose technology in medical imaging, “Radiation dosage during CT scanning has been a major concern throughout the country, and this will put Woodland Heights among the hospitals in the country that have addressed this concern.”

The Ingenuity CT includes sophisticated technology that helps correct imaging for patients with large metal implants, which in the past often ruled out CT scans for these patients. This is just one of the additional benefits to the patient community, which allows for more patients to utilize CT imaging. “With an aging patient population and increased use of metal implants to solve health issues, the ability to image patients with metal implants is a huge benefit,” states Morgan.

Woodland Heights is proud to bring the latest in medical technologies like these to East Texas.  Kyle Swift, CEO of Woodland Heights Medical Center concludes, “With the investment in quality imaging equipment, we reaffirm our commitment to provide the highest quality care to our valued patients in deep East Texas.”

About Woodland Heights Medical Center

Established in 1918, Woodland Heights Medical Center was Lufkin’s first hospital.  Now, more than nine decades later, Woodland Heights is recognized throughout Deep East Texas as the leading provider of high quality, innovative health care services. Accommodating a wide range of clinical specialties, Woodland Heights has achieved excellence in key medical and surgical areas including cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, orthopedic surgery, physical medicine/rehabilitation, vascular surgery and obstetrics and gynecology.  Woodland Heights also offers a full range of outpatient diagnostic services including advanced imaging, laboratory, outpatient surgery and emergency services.  Through its Rehabilitation Center, Woodland Heights offers cardiac rehabilitation, stroke recovery and physical and occupational rehabilitation.  The facility also houses the only Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the deep East Texas area.  Woodland Heights is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that proudly includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital’s medical staff.  Combining modern facilities, leading technology, an exceptional staff and a commitment to the communities it serves, Woodland Heights Medical Center remains at the forefront of quality health care in Deep East Texas.


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