How to Stay Safe During Outdoor Summer Activities

Hitting the road for an outdoor adventure or just headed to a local park or pool? Get prepared. Before summer fun, comes summer safety.

These tips can help ensure you have the tools you need to enjoy your summer days safely.

Be Prepared

Whenever you hit the road for an outdoor adventure in warm temperatures, it’s important to be prepared for whatever might come your way. For example, keep certain safety items in your car all the time, such as a first aid kit and rain gear. It’s also a good idea to bring along more water than you think you need.

You may be relying on your device to listen to music, take photos, use GPS, check the weather and of course to text and make calls, so always carry extra backup batteries to stay charged. Charge external batteries before leaving the house so they are ready to go if you need them.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Whether you’re going for a swim, having a picnic or heading into the wilderness for a long hike, the weather can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Luckily, these days, it’s easier than ever to know what’s in store for you. No more checking the weather report in the morning and hoping for the best. New tools can provide trusted weather data while you are out and about.

Before your next journey, consider downloading an app that can get you the most up-to-date local weather forecasts wherever you go, such as AccuWeather (the app is available free on iOS and Android and additional smartphones, plus mobile and desktop sites).

Recognized for its superior accuracy leadership in a new global report from ForecastWatch, Accuweather’s app features include the unique AccuWeather MinuteCast, which provides patented minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours that are hyper-localized to each user’s exact street address or GPS location. Animated weather radar and maps, severe weather alert warnings and extended forecasts including AccuWeather’s exclusive Day by Day 90-Day Forecast can help you plan activities, road trips, and more. And its unique RealFeel Temperature feature analyzes the local temperature to let you know how it actually feels outside to help you plan what clothes to pack! With UV and Allergy Forecasts, the AccuWeather apps can help you be completely prepared for all possibilities on your outings.

Protect Yourself

Hopefully your plans coincide with a beautiful sunny day. Remember to wear sunglasses that offer UV protection. Both adults and kids should be protected from harmful rays. And, of course, reapply sunscreen as often as the bottle suggests.

If you’re headed out somewhere near water, make sure everyone knows how to swim and that kids are under supervision. For natural bodies of water, check signage for conditions for hazards like riptides and local wildlife. On boats, lifejackets are a must!

This summer, a little preparation and real-time knowledge at your fingertips can help you head out the door with confidence.

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