How to Best Protect Your Skin this Summer and Beyond

Despite the warnings about the aging effects the sun can have on your skin, only five percent of Americans apply sunscreen to their body daily, according to a recent survey conducted using GfK’s Knowledge Panel. While experts say that using sunscreen should be a year-round habit, during the active, outdoor days of summer, it’s even more critical.

“Make this the year that you adopt a healthy summer sun care routine for your skin, particularly if you spend long periods of time in the sun,” encourages Dr. Richard C. Kirkpatrick of the Brevard Skin and Cancer Center.

Kirkpatrick offers several skin-protecting tips for sun lovers:

Everyday Protection

The midday hours are the most hazardous for UV exposure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recommends staying in the shade when possible and using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher.

For everyday sunscreen options for your face, look for hypoallergenic formulas that won’t clog pores. NO-AD’s new Oil-Free Face SPF 30 sunscreen is ultra-light, dermatologist tested and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use. It contains watermelon extract to help protect against skin cell DNA damage caused by UV light. And best of all, it offers twice the quantity as other national brands at lower cost. For a convenient on-the-go option, consider a wide-format stick, such as NO-AD’s new Sport Body & Face Stick, which goes on smoothly with no mess, is geared toward sensitive skin, and offers broad-spectrum SPF 50 sun protection.

Outdoor and Water Enthusiasts

Runners, hikers, swimmers and other outdoor athletes should bear in mind that conventional sunscreens may wash off after water sports or a vigorous workout.

For those who spend long hours in the water, consider new BullFrog Surf Formula Gel, an alcohol-free, preservative-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic sunscreen that allows for frequent reapplication without irritation. It includes a water-resistant agent extracted from pine rosin, a naturally renewable source, and provides broad-spectrum SPF 36 protection. BullFrog’s new Quik Stik SPF 50 is a convenient clear zinc mineral sunscreen, which applies quickly with no sticky, white residue.


To get the sun-kissed look, you don’t actually need to spend long hours in the sun. Consider a self-tanner, like Ocean Potion EverGlow Xtreme Self-Tanning Lotion, which delivers subtle color within hours and a rich tan in only three days instead of the usual seven. This moisturizing lotion works on all skin tones, and contains vitamins A, C and E to promote skin health and a youthful appearance. Unlike unpleasant smelling self-tanners, this one has a fresh mango-lime fragrance.

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Remember, exposure to the sun causes skin to suffer from premature aging. By protecting your skin this summer and beyond, you can slow this effect.


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