Woodland Heights Adopts Improved Communication Process


Lufkin Texas  – Woodland Heights has recently adopted a communication platform that connects clinicians across healthcare entities in real-time. Built on mobile technology, the system helps providers minimize miscommunication and delays in emergency care.

Approximately 80% of medical errors are because of miscommunication during transitions of care between clinicians. “With this new system, the ER can receive vital patient information such as EKGs to diagnose a heart attack well before the patient arrives to the hospital,” states Stephen Bennett, RN, Director of Emergency Services. “During time-sensitive emergencies, treatment times will decrease by using the system to activate care teams such as the Trauma or Stroke team well before the patient arrives to the ER to be treated.”

“Lufkin Fire will have the ability to have a great impact on patient lives by ensuring we are providing and maintaining the high standards of service, and performance utilizing technology and resources in a collaborative manner,” states City of Lufkin Fire Chief Ted Lovett. “It is our initial patient assessment and activation that enables all members of the patient care team to coordinate care for the critical patient. This platform has seen improvements in treatment times, averaging a treatment reduction between 20-46%. This data convinced me that if we can improve patient outcomes, we will be committed to this project.”

Communication is critical, and if something happens the time to lifesaving care can be delayed and crucial information can be lost, making this system a lifesaver. “The Emergency team is excited to now have this technology to offer the patients of Woodland Heights,” states Bennett.

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